Good day

We apologize for any inconvenience in internet outages, we are experiencing outages with our main provider.



Network Status

Evening Everyone, Current system status: Core Network: We had to do an emergency restart of our core routers all systems are back to full capacity. — Pretoria Wisp Team — This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

Network Status

Afternoon Everyone, Wireless Network: Stable Core Network: Stable We are aware of a problem with receiving emails from our website, clients are advised to please contact us directly @ 072 861 6276 or via direct email @ Please let us know if anything does occur we are always happy to help. Pta Wisp Team

Network Update *Take Note*

Hi Everyone, West Sector is back to full capacity. Waterkloof park residents take note we have ordered backup UPS for that relay and have been told it would be dispatched this week. As soon as we have installed said backup power the station will turn off as load shedding occurs in the area and will… Continue reading Network Update *Take Note*

West Sector (Channel Change)

Hi everyone, We need to run an emergency channel change to avoid possible congestion on the network. Clients will disconnect and should reconnect in 5-10min, sorry for any inconvenience caused. Duration: 10min Reason: Channel congestion Pta Wisp Team

West Sector (Update)

Morning Everyone, We are still working the problem, seems as though there is a tree blocking line of sight to Waterkloof Park. Going to see about fixing that issue, clients in this sector will see lower speeds than usual and streaming will be effected. Will keep you posted. Pta Wisp Team

West Sector (Update)

Hi everyone, It seems as though a bird politely landed onto the west sector and upon taking off moved it off course. Clients connected to this sector will experience slightly higher pings than normal. We’ll re-adjust it tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend! Pta Wisp Team

West Sector Notice

Hi everyone, We’ve noted a possible issue with West Sector and are busy investigating. Please take note clients connected to this sector may experience intermittent connectivity while we look at it. Sorry for the inconveniences caused. Pta Wisp Team

Back-haul Outage (Update)

Evening Everyone, Services have been restored to full capacity, we will continue to monitor the network for any changes. Please take note Stage 4 load shedding is still in progress. Pta Wisp Team

Back-haul outage

Dear Pretoria Wisp Clients, We are aware of an outage affecting our back-haul capacity. We have notified our supplier and are currently utilizing backup capacity. Clients may experience degraded speeds and increased latency. Please take note stage 4 load shedding is currently underway and may have an affect on our backup capacity at certain sites.… Continue reading Back-haul outage