Hi Everyone,

West Sector is back to full capacity. Waterkloof park residents take note we have ordered backup UPS for that
relay and have been told it would be dispatched this week. As soon as we have installed said backup power the station will turn off as load shedding occurs in the area and will turn back on when your area comes out of load shedding.

Base Station Garsfontein – Network upgrade, we recently installed a network cabinet at our base station, now that we have all the parts it’s time to move our equipment into it’s new home so that it can remain cool and safe during our very hot summer months to come. On the 13th September 2020 (Sunday) the network will be offline for approximately 2-3 hours while we make the transition over into said network cabinet. Once we are done we will notify everyone of the network being restored
to full capacity.

We’d greatly appreciate everyone patience and have a lovely week further!

Pta Wisp Team