Hello everyone!

We’d like to post an update of our network performance for this week.

Base Station Garsfontein
We are aware of a cable break that is effecting our clients that connect to our west sector, we will be replacing this cable this week coming. Please note that there might be some drops now and then until the line is replaced, it’s around 25m long so we hope to have it up and running pretty quick. We will announce a day before we do the install time and duration of the repair.

Network update
A local company has donated a network cabinet to our small business, we are so very much grateful for their assistance in helping us grow our small business. We really appreciate the support of our current clients, thank you so much. Overall we have implemented some performance changes to the network that should improve the stability, we do welcome input
from our clients so please do not be afraid to pop us a WhatsApp it really does go a long way in helping us learn and understand and overcome new challenges.

New products Coming soon
Current & new clients will be happy to hear that we will be opening up soon a new products called boosters. These boosters will enable you to receive for a limited time higher speeds than your current subscribed speed on the network. We are working on a simple way for you to activate your boosters via your client control panel, in the mean-time you’ll need to contact us to arrange activation as well as pricing.

Current Boosters available for Downloads of up to: Perfect for Gamers
5MB > 10MB for 24 hours
10MB > 20MB for 24 hours

Current Boosters available for Uploads of up to: Perfect for uploading files for the office
5MB > 10MB for 24 hours
10MB > 20MB for 24 hours

Boosters are subject to network performance and stability & should be considered as a best effort service, T&C’s apply.

Have a lovely long weekend and Happy National Women’s Day

Pretoria Wisp Team