Hi everyone Giancarlo here,

Just wanted to give everyone the low down of what occurred today at around 10:30AM what we’ve done and what’s next for the network.

At around 10:30AM we experienced loss of backup power supply from our main UPS (uninterrupted power supply) after inspection it was declared that the unit could hold a maximum of 1 hour and 30min of power (last year we didn’t this many people on our network as well as the new power guzzling equipment) so we made the decision to buy a small generator so
that we can withstand any form of power outages that could occur in the area for the next foreseeable future.

Unfortunately it has come at a cost and since we’re still a small wireless internet provider we don’t have access to massive amounts of reserves of cash to now obtain a backup facility for our brand new Moreleta relay station. So I’d like to ask for everyone that is connected to said station for a wee bit of patience with us, I really do care about everyone that’s on the network and I will try everything in my power to get some sort of backup facility to it when we are financially able to.

Working the math out backup battery capacity for Moreleta relay will cost in the region of R5000 As a small business owner I am trying everything to muster up the money to get that station a backup. The more people I can connect to it the more money becomes available to help us get a backup solution to the station faster.

For the time being as Moreleta experiences load reduction from Eskom the station will turn on when there’s no load shedding and turn off when there is load shedding. People with their own backup means that try connect to said relay will not get a connection as the station is offline until Eskom switches the area back on.

Please if you have any questions or you’d like to know more or know someone that can help us grow this community project let me know.