Dear PTA Wisp clients,

Relay outage resolved
We have completed our work on the relay and it has come back into service. Thank you so much for your patience regarding the outage. We will continue to monitor the systems and make 110% sure it is ready to load more clients in the area onto it.

Known network issues
We are still aware of some website taking longer to load than others, this is an issue with us and we are still working to a solution to this problem. Will post here once said problem has been resolved.

South East Sector
We have implemented some changes to this sector and will continue to monitor closely. Again I’d like to thank all our supporters/clients for your patience with our small team. We promise we are learning every step of the way. Each problem that comes up is a learning curve for us and we tackle it head on. Please stay safe and have a lovely weekend further.

PTA Wisp Team